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What is Genesis Technology

  • introduction of Genesis Technology:

As the days go by the world is moving forward. And the people of the world are becoming so modern. Gradually people want touches of new things. Sometimes technology or medium, when it is not at all wrong to take what catches the eye to modernity. We all want to live in a luxurious way but it requires technology. With the use of adequate technology, it is possible to live in luxury with our modernity.

Some of the world’s technologies catch our eye. And we take it very well, because we love technology and we love to use those technologies properly. Because technologies help us a lot. Makes our daily tasks much easier. Many times we come across tasks that are impossible to do empty handed but technology can finish the old ones in an instant and in a perfect way. It is very beneficial for us.

Genesis technology is a method of receiving medical services remotely with the help of communication technology. In this system, anyone from any part of the world can contact the doctor through any communication technology and get medical treatment.   Medical science is one of the fastest growing branches of science. With the help of information technology, it is now possible to receive medical services from anywhere in the world. Physicians no longer rely on conjecture for the benefit of information technology. Before making a decision about a patient, the body can be examined carefully and the diagnosis can be made with the help of information technology. Not only that, the information obtained can be stored in the database for future use. When it comes to prescribing a medicine, it is also accurate because of information technology. New equipment is also being made for medical needs.Immunization programs for millions of children in the country are made possible through a perfect plan for the use of information technology and its implementation. Other levels of research have been made possible by information technology. Earlier only the symptoms of the disease were reduced. Now the real cause of the disease is found and removed. Not only that, now that all people are taking the same medicine, in the future there will be different medicines for each person. In the future, surgeons will be able to operate on patients using information technology from thousands of miles away. Therefore, the role of Genesis technology is immense.

What is Genesis Technology

Genesis technology is a technology that has given people a new horizon. Many of us don’t know what Genesis technology is. And Genesis technology is what they do. This article gives you a brief overview on genesis technology. If you read the whole thing, you will know what Genesis technology is. In fact, we do a lot of things in our daily lives that make it very difficult for us to do things. And it is normal to have problems because we are not robots that can do the subtle things perfectly. Problems will arise somewhere and it will take us a long time to do those things. It will take more work and more time. So if you can get a very good idea about Genesis technology then with Genesis technology you can do those things very easily and very quickly.

Let’s find out what Genesis Technology is. Genesis technology is discussed in great detail below. Read the whole article patiently and try to understand better.

  • First I will know what is Genesis technology?

When it comes to Genesis technology, the first thing to say is that Genesis technology is a technology by which we can easily accomplish any difficult task. And can do it very perfectly in a short time.


In many countries of the world, telephone operators provide financial support for the development of science and technology. Genesis, founded by Alcatel Lucent in France, has two technology research institutes and a technology university in Bangalore and Chennai, India. About 400 employees are regularly involved in research and development work in the two technology institutes. Besides, it is well known that about 40 per cent of the technology research institutes in Bangalore are engaged in telecom work. Many such companies have been set up in the Technology Park in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, with the financial support of the operators. Much of the funding for the implementation of Vietnam’s “Science and Technology Development Strategy” taken in 2012 comes in contrast to telecom research. There are many technology companies in Brazil that have been created with the help of reputable operators.

The main reason for this discussion is why the for-profit telecom operators in Bangladesh do not invest in innovative research in technology? They do not even have an internal development laboratory of their own. All apps that can be used on mobile phones are made by a third party. But we forget our understanding of credit for mobile phone service, which is not entirely accurate. For example, the work that we are doing in our country in the name of ‘development’ is using mobile phones. That’s fine, but they have no credit here as operators. Who have researched and developed the ‘development’ method. There are thousands of such examples, which are sad for the country. For this reason, mobile operators in our country are doing business worth billions of rupees just to make a profit, they do not help in any research to increase their innovative services or develop the country’s talent.

It is also wrong for us to give credit to mobile phone operators for expanding internet services in such countries. All the credit goes to the government. Because, the government has brought internet in the country and has made arrangements to distribute it in different parts of the country through various means. Mobile phones are just such a means of distribution. They are buying internet from the government at wholesale or cheap price and selling it to people in various name packages at high prices but we never think that the government is distributing internet only as a carrier with permission or license. There, too, he is cheating people with various tricks, which can be highlighted in another article.

Now mobile phones and internet have reached almost all parts of our country due to the goodwill of the government. One of the things the government can focus on now is to force these companies to be affordable in innovative ways to take high-speed internet to the village level. Four-G could be a solution if the government thinks of making internet hotspots in all villages. High-speed internet (sufficient for Four-G speeds, as defined by the ITU, is sufficient) can be ensured for young rural innovators until broadband is dug up. You will need a router suitable for getting GSM internet, which will ensure uninterrupted internet spread in a certain area.

And all that can be done is for the government to sit down with the mobile operators and use their intelligence (business people usually do not listen to the advice of anyone outside the government). These companies should set up innovative technology research centers in the country. With young inventors at the local level, they can set up their own technology services department, from which they can also export apps abroad. They may be involved in research to develop science and technology services in the country’s higher education. However, as soon as they get this proposal, they will say, we give a part of the profit to BTRC for these works, why should we spend more? His answer must be given to the government. Because, we have heard that thousands of crores of rupees have been accumulated there but the policy on how to use it has not been made yet!

What is Genesis TechnologyHistory of Genesis Technology:

Genesis Technology is now a well-known name all over the world. Genesis Technology triumph, especially in the world of software. This company handles the problems of eighty one thousand customers. More than 75,000 companies take their services. More than one and a half thousand people work in this organization in twelve cities of the world. The software company released its IPO in 2014. Standing on the stage of Your Story’s Tech Spark, Morten Primdall, one of the company’s co-founders and chief technical officer, peeked at the story of Genesis Technology Genesis as he spoke about Genesis Technology work, scope of work, and customer satisfaction. Repeatedly, curiosity was created to know what the days of this organization were like. The story of the beginning of that was known.

In 1999, Morten was a student of biotechnology. Studying at a university in Denmark. Decided to take a year off and try something different. In those days he became very enthusiastic about computers. Decide to do something with the computer. And so he started working with Mikkel and under Mikkel’s supervision. Alexander Aghasipore, Morten Primdale, and all three of these Mikel Swans were not doing great at the time. Worked as a part time consultant. It was at this time that they started working with Genesis Technology. As is the case in the beginning, experts say that this will not work, because the product is very simple in nature. But Morten, Mickel and Alexander could see the market. They realized the race to establish their place in the market of the future as a software service. The simplicity for which a group of people sniffed was the smooth simplicity that the USP did. There is no room for complexity when it comes to solving customer problems or the interface that has been created for the customer.

That did not stop the fight. Even in 2005, their condition was broken. Although work is going on with Genesis Technology, all the three captains were working as consultants for another company. Morten realized in those days that if the entrepreneur could not enter the DNA of the product, he would not be able to see the exact product.

After thinking about these seven and five, in 2006 they started giving the whole time to Genesis Technology. The company continued to grow. That’s when the company got a taste of speed. Despite the slow pace, a steady progress was seen. But raising outside funds became a very complex problem. And at one point many began to think the impossible. Because at that time the investment climate in Denmark was quite difficult. As a result, there was no time to take money from outside. But you need money to run the company. This time they went to their friends and relatives. This is how the fear of Genesis Technology started.

Like they also got funds in the end. Found investors who believed that Genesis Technology could do the job. As a result, in the first seed round, a fund of five lakh dollars came. In 2009. By then, they had opened an office in Silicon Valley. Then four rounds of funding went round. A fund of 85 million US dollars has already entered the house. Genesis Technology left the IPO in 2014 to raise money from the market. Morten is very happy to see the real picture of India’s growth, so this time he is opening a branch office in Bangalore to capture the Indian market.


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