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Nutrient Dense Foods

Introduction Of Nutrient Dense Foods:

the doctors are asking everyone to increase their immunity in this critical situation. He says to put nutritious food in the Nutrient Dense Foods. Advising to avoid unhealthy, unhealthy Nutrient Dense Foods. So let’s know what to put in the food every day, what to skip to increase the immunity.

Protein plays a vital role in boosting the body’s immune system. It helps the body make antibodies and build immune cells. Therefore, doctors are advising to eat a lot of protein foods to stay healthy in this critical situation. Both vegetable and animal foods are rich in protein. For this, fish, meat and eggs can be boiled well and eaten. In addition, cheese, pulses, gram, almonds, beans, nuts and tokadai protein is also found in the game.

Vitamin C increases the levels of antibodies in the blood and helps the white blood cells to separate. As a result, the body understands what kind of defense system is needed. Vitamin C also protects against colds, coughs and fevers. So at this time, experts say to eat food with vitamin C, even if it is something every day. Grapes, oranges, strawberries, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower and pepper can be eaten for this. These foods are rich in vitamin C.

Almost everyone is at home in the situation caused by the coronavirus. As a result, many are not getting enough sunlight. This can lead to vitamin D deficiency in the body. According to experts, this vitamin makes a protein in the body that identifies and destroys infectious germs, bacteria and viruses. So this vitamin is very necessary to survive the infection. Many vegetables, including fatty fish, pasteurized milk, eggs, cheese and mushrooms, contain vitamin D.

Ghee and honey help to increase immunity in the body. Sajan data and flowers help prevent virus infections. Green leafy vegetables are rich in a variety of vitamins. So the doctors think that these foods should be kept in the Nutrient Dense Foods every day.

However, to keep healthy, experts suggest eliminating excess sugar and salt from the diet. As well as eliminating processed foods, packaged foods, oil-fried foods and junk food will increase the body’s resistance to disease, doctors said.

In addition, to increase the body’s resistance to disease, you need to drink enough water every day. In this case, an adult should drink 3 to 4 liters of water daily.

All of our loved ones can no longer eat normal food due to old age. Unable to eat oily and spicy foods like ours, they have to arrange separate meals for them. Rose often finds it difficult to cook nutritious but delicious food for them. They also get annoyed when they eat the same type of food again. So here are some tips to make a nutritious and delicious soft food for your loved one.

Nutrient Dense Foods

  • Kitchen techniques:

We can make our daily meals suitable for the older members of the family with a little ingenuity. If you have a blender or food processor in your kitchen, the work will be done much faster. You can easily make fruit and yogurt smoothies, soups, raitas, fruit juices and even blended meat or hard vegetables. If rice, vegetables and meat are crushed together in a food processor, it will be more enjoyable for everyone to sit at the table and eat together.

In this case, you just have to think about what to cook. If you plan to have data vegetables, then blend only vegetables for your loved ones by skipping data, otherwise it may be difficult to eat due to data fiber.

Cooking tips:

Here are some nutritious soft food recipes for your convenience:

  • Soup – Make vegetable soup with beef or chicken, take care to remove the bones before blending and do not forget to give if there is no problem with lemon juice.
  • Parij – Parij is a very healthy dish made by boiling oat milk and mixing yogurt and finely chopped fruit pieces.
  • Hamas – If your relative has a problem with eating pulses, you can boil dabli and gram pulses and blend them with a little olive oil, fried garlic, lemon juice to make Hamas, a delicious food in Arabia.
  • Fruit or Vegetable Smoothie – Blend with a relative’s favorite fruit or vegetable with sour yogurt or milk. You can give him fruit or vegetable smoothie, use sugar supplement instead of sugar for taste and pepper powder with very little salt.
  • Risotto – Boil chicken, rice and a few vegetables with a very fine blended and you can make Italian food risotto. Lemon juice and finely chopped coriander leaves spread on top is very tasty to eat.
  • Vegetable Meat Delight – You can cook meat and vegetables together with hot spices, remove the spices and blend well to make this fun dish. It will also eat less sugar, and will also fill the stomach.

If there is no doctor’s prescription, you can blend what you are eating and give it to your elderly relative. There will be this feeling that everyone is eating the same food and it will not be difficult to eat again.

Researchers have studied more than a thousand raw foods to find out which foods are the most nutritious and balanced. However, the full results of the study have not been found yet. Jennifer de Noah has done a study on what are the most necessary and nutritious foods for the human body. He is a researcher at William Patterson University. This public health specialist also lists a number of essential ingredients for people. Below is a list of some of the nutritious foods that came up in his research. Although not all foods are available in our country, there are many similar foods.

Nutrient Dense Foods

* Almond

The nutritional value of almonds cannot be over stated. And that’s why it’s at the top of the researchers’ list of the best foods. It contains beneficial mono-unsaturated fatty acids. In addition to nutrition, it is quite effective in preventing various health problems such as diabetes.

* Cherimay

The fruit called Cherimaya is American. However, this fruit looks like the quince fruit of Bangladesh. Ata In Bangladesh and India, it grows in backyards and forests. However, it is cultivated commercially in Thailand, Australia and the United States. It is rich in carbs and sugars. It is also effective in eliminating the problem of malnutrition.

* Ocean Perch

This fish lives in the Atlantic Ocean. Many people call this deep sea fish rockfish. However, this fish is ideal for high protein and low saturated fat.

* Flatfish

This flatfish looks a lot like Rupchanda fish. And eating is not bad. It is rich in many nutrients including vitamin B1. For this reason, researchers also say that this fish is one of the most nutritious fish in the world.

* Tokma

Small black seed Tokma. It can be drunk by making sherbet soaked in water. Tokma seeds are also one of the ingredients in Ayurvedic medicine. It is locally known as green seed, sweet basil, faluda seed or Turkmaria seed.

* Almond

Almonds are rich in mono-unsaturated fatty acids. Mono-unsaturated fatty acids are beneficial fats that can improve the health of your heart and blood vessels. You can grind almonds and add them to various desserts or cakes. Almonds can also be used as a salad dressing. Almond itself is a delicious snack, which can satisfy your cravings for salty and crunchy snacks.

* Ata

Ata is one of our familiar fruits, which is available in the summer fruit market. This fruit is rich in fiber, vitamin C and potassium. As a smoothie it is quite satisfying to eat.

* Ocean Perch

Ocean Perch is part of the Rockfish family. This fish is found in some countries as a small fillet, which is ideal for eating with fish tacos or fried with crumb crust. When cooked, the fish turns light brown. These fish are rich in protein and very low in saturated fat.

* Flatfish

For those who are worried about mercury intake, a good option is flatfish, as the amount of mercury in this fish is very low. One of the most well-known species of flatfish is the flounder, but halibut also belongs to the same speciesĀ  both are rich sources of protein and contain B vitamins.

* Chia seeds

Chia seeds have been one of the most popular nutritional superfoods for the past few years. You can make a variety of chia puddings or add chia seeds as a topping to a bowl of oatmeal or mix in a smoothie. These small black seeds are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and fiber.

* Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds themselves are ideal as a snack, no matter how you eat them by frying or candy. Not only does this seed contain anti-inflammatory ingredients, it also contains high levels of zinc, which helps boost your immune system.

* Swiss Chard

Swiss chard is a very useful vegetable. This vegetable is ideal for adding to the diet of health conscious people. Swiss chard is a stronghold of vitamin K, vitamin A and vitamin C.

* Beet spinach

Bit’s data and pages are often ignored, but these are not things to throw away. Bit Shaak is a member of the family where the Swiss Chard is. Beetroot is a good source of Vitamin K, Vitamin A and Vitamin C.

* Snapper

There are many species of snapper, but the most well-known species is the red snapper. Although this fish meets the nutritional needs, it cannot be eaten too much, as it contains high levels of mercury.

All the nutrients required for the body are available from different foods. Find out what nutrients you must include in your daily diet:


Protein is essential for the formation of cells, muscles and tissues in the body. Eggs, meat, nuts, pulses, fish and dairy foods are sources of protein. So eat such Nutrient Dense Foods every day.

* Vitamin D

I want vitamin D in my daily diet for strong bones. Milk, eggs, tuna fish as well as essential vitamin D are available from the sun.


Iron is a very important element for the body. Iron deficiency can lead to a variety of illnesses ranging from the body’s oxygen supply. Necessary iron is found in pulses, liver, egg yolks, spinach, oatmeal, fish, bean sprouts, chicken, watermelon.

*Vitamin C

Vitamin C helps boost immunity. Vitamin C can also be included in the daily diet to maintain youth. Eating green vegetables will meet the demand for vitamin C.


Many people think that if you avoid fatty foods, you can stay away from various diseases. But healthy fats are essential for wellness.


Carbohydrates cover a large portion of the required calories. Carbohydrates are found in sweet and fibrous Nutrient Dense Foods.

*Vitamin B

Vitamin D helps in digestion of food. This nutrient is also important for staying healthy and functioning. I want food rich in thymine, folic acid, riboflavin, biotin, vitamin B12, B6 and B5 every day. Eggs, milk, meat, you will get the necessary vitamin B from the liver.

70 percent of our body is water. So there is no substitute for drinking enough water every day.


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