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Jobs For 17 Year Olds

Details For Jobs For 17 Year Olds:

Often some people come to me looking for a job. Their idea is that if I tell them, they will get a job somewhere. Those who come, almost all of them have passed MA or equivalent examinations from different universities or colleges. Seeing their longing is quite delusional. 

 It is very difficult for a 17 year old boy or girl to be functional. So they can’t do any heavy or hard work. Or they can’t do a good job without good skills. So below are some of the things they can do perfectly.


  • 1. Dog walking Jobs:

There are many people who are looking for people for dog walking jobs but are not getting good skilled people. Again many times it is seen that people are not available due to low salary. Because a 40 to 50 year old man will never do this job. So this is a perfect job for 17 year olds. You can do this very well if you want.

  • 2. Cleaners:

There are many such organizations. Educational institutions, commercial establishments, homes, etc. They need people to clean and tidy but it is a different job so there are no good working people. This job is perfect for 17 year olds. So if you are 17 years old you can do this job very well.

  • 3. Animal Husbandry:

It gives a very creative identity. This job is very attractive for a 17 year old. Because at the age of 17 he will have a very happy mind and he will want to play with any animal or animals and he will like to take care of these animals very much. So you can do this job too.

  • 4. Restaurant staff:

It also works well inside a low labor. If you want to work less and earn good money then this job is very profitable for you. Restaurant staff have no extra work. The customer is actually taking care of him and saying goodbye. There is no hard work and the salary is much higher.

  • 5. Selling retail products:

There is no need to work hard for this. So this job is very comfortable for 17 year olds. Your job as a retailer is to buy some products and sell them.


Jobs For 17 Year Olds

Very important Talk of Jobs For 17 Year Olds : 

Didn’t realize in time that with the highest degree at the university or college level, they have to go around for a Jobs For 17 Year Olds. A national daily recently published a report titled ‘Unemployment is higher among the highly educated’. It said, “One crore and one million young people between the ages of 15 and 29 are inactive in Bangladesh. Boys are more inactive than girls.”Inactive means, they eat for free in someone else’s hotel (father). The paper used data published by the newly formed Center for Development and Employment Research (CEDAR) in writing this informative report. Cedar has no reason to disagree with this information. Almost all of those who come to me with job aspirations expect government jobs. Said age is going away.   Meanwhile, a group of educated unemployed people have demanded that the age of entry into government service should be 35 years. Two types of trends are noticeable among the youth of our country. At first, they are not as keen to study in college or university as soon as they pass high school, nor are they as keen to take technical or career-enhancing education. Second, in very few cases is anyone seen to be an entrepreneur. Everyone expects jobs, no one thinks about job creation.

There is another image as well. At least four lakh foreigners are currently working in Bangladesh. About twenty thousand of them are working legally. These foreigners are sending five billion dollars a year from Bangladesh to their country. Four lakh people are taking five billion dollars. The reason is that the skills they have are not among the ‘highly educated’ in our country.



But the eighty million Bangladeshis who are sending money to the country by working tirelessly abroad, the amount is an average of fifteen billion dollars a year. On the other hand, three million workers in the Philippines are sending three times as much Bangladeshi money to their country from abroad. The main reason for this is that those who are taking work abroad from the Philippines are much more efficient than the people in our country and they can speak English and Arabic.Most of the nurses or doctors in modern hospitals in Saudi Arabia or the Middle East are not Indians but Filipinos. Some are from Indonesia or Malaysia. In those hospitals, Bangladeshis are either cleaners or ward boys. There is less interest in sending skilled workers abroad than in Bangladesh. Bangladesh ranks fifth in remittances to India.

The situation may be worse than what Cedar said about Bangladesh. In 2016, the European Intelligence Unit (EIU) showed that 47% of graduates in Bangladesh were either unemployed or did not need to be university graduates for the job they were employed in. Every year 22 lakh working people are entering the job market in Bangladesh. Only seven percent of these huge working people will get jobs in Jobs For 17 Year Olds . This means that two-thirds of the people are writing their names in the list of unemployed.


The situation in India, Pakistan or Nepal is not so good. 33% of people in India, 26% in Pakistan and 20% in Nepal are looking for jobs. They are all educated in university or equivalent. On the other hand, if we look at the overall statistics, we can see that the position of Bangladesh is quite good. According to Index Mundi, the overall unemployment rate in Bangladesh is only 5.0 per cent of the total population, followed by India at 7.8 per cent, Pakistan at 7.8 per cent and Sri Lanka at 5.1 per cent.

Zimbabwe has the highest number of unemployed people in the world. 95% of people have no job. With the exception of Africa, the situation in most European countries is deplorable. In Kosovo 31 percent, in Greece 26 percent, in Spain 26.3 percent, in Portugal 16.6 percent, in Italy 12.4 percent, in Ireland 13.5 percent people are unemployed. And in Saudi Arabia, one of the world’s oil-rich countries, 10.5 percent of the population has no job on Jobs For 17 Year Olds .

Problems with Saudi Arabia or other oil-rich countries in the Middle East are the main reason for their demise. They thought that the need for oil would last until the Day of Judgment. From 1982 to 1986. Ahmed Zaki Yamani was Saudi Arabia’s oil minister. Educated in Western education, Yamani was extremely realistic. At one point he said that there was no reason for the unavailability of stone behind the end of the Stone Age.The reason was that people had invented alternatives to stone. At some point, the need for oil will also be eliminated, which is now seen in many countries as a result of the discovery of alternative fuels. Saudi oil is now being sold at the lowest prices in the world market. This has strained the Saudi treasury. The government has reduced the salaries of government employees in that country by 20 percent.

The Hajj season is now the main source of income in Saudi Arabia, which is why a person now has to spend twice or three times as much as he did two or three years ago. Many people think that Saudi Arabia is at the top of the list of possible bankrupt countries in the world. The risk of a commodity-dependent economy is much higher.Zaki Yamani then said that Saudi Arabia should invest its oil money in the right place and turn the people of Saudi Arabia into skilled human resources before the situation worsens. Yamani was not part of the royal family. Therefore, the Saudi government did not feel the need to take his words into account. In 1987, Saudi King Fahad fired Yamani.

Jobs For 17 Year OldsSaudi oil fields are now controlled by multinational companies from the United States and European countries. Saudi Arabia does not have the capacity to stop the plunder of oil resources. On the other hand, the picture of Iran is completely different. Of course they do not consider themselves Arabs. Iran has always invested oil money in developing efficient human resources. Now that country is a nuclear power. The United States also respects him and Saudi Arabia is known as a tyrannical state of the United States.

Highly educated unemployed were not created overnight in Bangladesh. This is the result of a long period of unplanned education system. There are few countries in the world where you can go to a general university every year to study general subjects without thinking. Azim Uddin does not know what to do after passing MA in Sanskrit. Reading, because he wants a university degree. There is a rush to study MBA and BBA in all the universities of the country. It is possible to study in a public university for free and if you study in a private university, it takes three to five lakh rupees to pass and get out. It also takes four to five years. I asked many MBA graduates what job they are doing. Said sells credit cards to a multinational bank.Reading, because he wants a university degree. There is a rush to study MBA and BBA in all the universities of the country. It is possible to study in a public university for free and if you study in a private university, it takes three to five lakh rupees to pass and get out. It also takes four to five years. I asked many MBA graduates what job they are doing. Said sells credit cards to a multinational bank.

At the end of the month the salary is ten thousand rupees. No driver is available in Dhaka city for less than fifteen to twenty thousand rupees. On the other hand, the government may have set up a specialized university to acquire special skills and knowledge. The officials of that university will start running from the next day on how to open BBA and MBA in their university. And now there is a sudden rush to open Islamic studies in several private universities.

Why such a sudden rush? Because you don’t have to take classes if you are admitted in this department If you pay a certain amount, you can come on time and get the certificate. The number of government officials among the buyers of all these degrees is significant. Because by showing this degree they can easily get promoted. The University Grants Commission cannot take such action against all these universities. Because their hands are quite long.


If I say that higher education should be for the meritorious only and it is planned, then a group of people who believe in the political ideology of a particular genre will shout. Say, education is a constitutional right of a citizen. Such an idea is completely wrong. Because this right only applies to primary education. He cannot study in Russia or China if he wants to. In Finland only those who will teach in primary school go to university.

There should be an idea of ​​how many teachers, how many researchers are needed in the country. That is how the format and planning of higher education is important. The biggest asset of Bangladesh is the young population. According to the United Nations, 40 percent of our population is under 17 years of age. In order to transform them into manpower, they have to have a lot of knowledge skills. A car mechanic will not be unemployed in any country in the world.


But an MA pass is regularly seen picking up paper in empty bottles or dustbins on the streets of New York. I wanted to know from many why he left his country and came to this country. He replied, looking for a better life. At least in the country he did not pick up bottles on the street. He has long hinted that Trump will burn the foreheads of immigrants if he takes over the presidency. Most of the car repair garages in the United States are owned by Punjabi Sikhs.

Jobs For 17 Year OldsConclusion:

Hopefully after reading this article you have understood very well which job is good for 17 year olds and what jobs can be done. If you want to know more good information and advice like this, you can read other posts. Thanks so much for reading.


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