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GM Diet Plan

Introduction of  GM Diet Plan:

The General Motor Diet, also known as the GM Diet, is a type of diet that forces you to limit your menu and portions of food for a week. This diet promises a fantastic weight loss – up to 7 kilograms. Trying to try? However, of course, this is the final result if you can achieve it properly easily. See all GM foods and guides through them below.

What is GM Diet ?

The GM Diet was originally used by General Motors employees in the United States in 1985 and spread to the general public. The GM diet is a diet that you need to plan for food intake with minimum calories but rich in nutrients, which must be observed for 7 consecutive days. It is important to remember that most GM food menus involve a variety of fruits and vegetables.

For example, food on the first day, you are only allowed to eat fruit. Then, on the second day, you eat only vegetables, and so on. Some of the benefits promised by the GM diet are:

  1.     Losing 7 kilograms of body weight in just one week
  2.     Dispose of toxins and dirt from your body
  3.     Improves digestive system function
  4.     More fat burns increase the body’s metabolism

GM Diet Plan

  • GM Diet Plan Running Guide:

The GM diet advises you to eat plenty of junk food. Because, fruits, vegetables, and foods that contain plenty of water are believed to increase fat burning while helping toxins from the body.

  • Examples of GM Diet menu plans are:

    On the first day:

The first day is the most important day of your diet plan. The first day is just a day to eat fruit. Eat as much fruit as you like at any time throughout the day. But except for one fruit, that is banana. any fruit except banana on the first day. Especially eat more watermelon and melon. This will keep the stomach full for a long time. And you must drink at least 8  But one thing to keep in mind, if you really want to implement this plan, do not eat anything other than fruit and take care that the stomach is never empty. Eat fruit whenever you feel hungry and don’t forget to drink water.

you are encouraged to eat as much fruit as possible. Without bananas, there can be no fruit. Compared to other types of fruits, bananas contain sugar and calories which are quite high. The best choice is to eat watermelon. Because there are plenty of fruits. As well as helping to prevent dehydration, the fruit-rich fruit can help remove toxins from your body.


  The second day:

Just like you ate only fruits on the 1st day, eat only vegetables on the 2nd day. You can eat your favorite vegetable either raw or cooked. However, do not use oil during cooking. Using oil in vegetables will defeat the purpose of weight loss. So eat half-boiled or cooked according to your choice without using oil. Among the vegetables, you can eat carrots, broccoli, cabbage, cucumber, lettuce, beans, etc. However, if you want to put potatoes on your food list, eat it in the morning without eating at any other time of the day. Because if you eat boiled potatoes in the morning, carbohydrates in the potatoes will be burned in various activities throughout the day and fat will not accumulate. Eat as many vegetables as you want throughout the day and be sure to drink 8-12. And it may take more time to go to the toilet on this day than on other days to eat so many vegetables throughout the day. However, this will clear the digestive system.

On the second day the GM is encouraged to eat vegetables as part of the diet menu. These vegetables can be caged or cooked first. The key is to avoid the use of vegetable process oils. You can raise or grill it.


    The third day:

The 3rd day of the diet plan is the day of eating vegetables and fruits. On this day any vegetable and fruit as you wish. However, bananas and potatoes should be excluded from the menu this day. Eat fruits or vegetables whenever you are hungry, and you must drink 8-12 glasses of water throughout the day.

On this third day, you are still encouraged to eat fruits and vegetables. Eat your favorite fruits and vegetables except bananas and potatoes.


On the fourth day:

On this day only banana and milk will be the food of the day. Nothing can be eaten except banana and milk. However, the exception to this day is that you can not eat as you wish. Do not eat more than 8-10 bananas and 3 glasses of milk throughout the day.

Many may be thinking that this day may be hungry. That idea is wrong, at the end of the day you will notice for yourself that this food is quite cut all day. However, he has to share this limited banana and milk according to how much he eats at any time of the day. Have a banana and a glass of milk for breakfast and you can eat two more bananas before noon or around 11-12 in the morning. Eat a glass of milk and 2 bananas at noon. And in the afternoon you can eat 2-3 bananas for breakfast.

And the rest of the night, eat a glass of milk and two bananas. If you share milk and banana according to this rule, you will not feel hungry at all. you are encouraged to eat only bananas and milk for the GM diet menu. You can eat 6 large bananas or 8 small bananas. It is recommended to consume 3 cups of low or fat milk.


   The fifth day:

For the first time in this day’s diet, you can eat rice at noon. But only rice and not more than one cup. And you have to go through the 5th day of this diet by eating 7-8 large size tomatoes throughout the day. However, there is a possibility of increasing uric acid in the body these days, so you must drink at least 12-15 glasses of water.

You are advised to eat 2 rice of the fed meat (herbal, fish or chicken) such as 300 grams with 6 tomatoes. Don’t forget to increase your intake of enough mineral water to help break down purines from the meat you eat. Vegetable soup can also be used as GM Diet Plan  menu on the fifth day.


   Six days:

On this 6th day of the GM Diet Plan, you have to do that vegetable diet again. You can eat as many vegetables as you want throughout the day, but do not cook with oil. And at noon you can eat a cup of rice with vegetables. Be sure to drink 8-12  a day.

As in the previous day, you are advised to eat 300 grams of meat and vegetables except for potatoes.


 Seventh or final day:

On this any vegetable throughout the day and a cup of rice at noon. However, the bonus on this day is that you can eat any fruit juice of your choice. Especially grapefruit, watermelon, orange juice of these fruits should be eaten more.

the day, by at least 4-5 kg, vegetables, fruits to eat these your face. And plan will also improve your digestive system. But keep one thing in mind, do not follow this diet for more than 7 consecutive days, if necessary, you can start again with a gap of 15 or 20 days.  You are allowed to eat rice, but only brown rice. In addition, you are encouraged to eat raw fruits or vegetables. You can drink the juice. During this GM Diet Plan you need to drink plenty of water every day (up to 12-15 glasses). This helps remove toxins from your body.

GM Diet Plan

  • However, GM foods are not necessarily safe for everyone:

Although this diet recommends that you eat a lot of healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables and cut down on sweet foods, there are many disadvantages compared to the benefits of this diet. Some things that should be known are that there is no specific research related to this diet in terms of processes, disadvantages and advantages.

This diet has the potential to deplete the body of essential nutrients as protein, as it is not found in fruits and vegetables. Although eating protein can increase appetite and weight gain, the importance of protein function in our body should not be immediately forgotten. Proteins are important for the repair and regeneration of cells and body tissues, hormones for energy supply and muscle building, and regulation of the body’s immune system.

As a result, a GM diet can lead to a lack of protein in the body. In addition, the body’s lack of essential nutrients, whatever their shape, will not cause long-term weight loss. This means that by limiting the type of food you eat each day, you can lose weight faster and want to eat more on the third or fourth day.

Lack of nutrition can cause you to experience severe hair loss, dry skin, fatigue, muscle weakness and anemia. Being unbalanced by regular exercise enters the body with only a few calories, which can cause the GM diet to slow down the body’s metabolism.


Be careful, GM Diet Plan can be dangerous to health:

  • In fact, many say that this diet helps you lose weight fast. However, this diet must have its own risks.
  • Many people complain of dizziness as a result of limiting the type of food they eat each day and want to eat more on the third or fourth day. Food restrictions can make you feel deficient in many important nutrients your body needs every day.
  • Lack of nutrition can lead to severe hair loss, dry skin, fatigue, weak muscles and anemia. With regular exercise creating only a few calories in the body without being unbalanced, making a GM diet can slow down the body’s metabolism.
  • The biggest problem with the GM diet is that the guidelines are only done for 7 days, not sustainable. So, if you have lost weight while on a GM diet, you will gain weight again when you get back to your original diet. This often happens because the weight lost during the GM diet is the weight of water, not fat.


  • GM Diet Plan are not a safe way to lose weight:

The most important problem with the GM diet is that this diet is only done for 7 days and is not sustainable afterwards. This means that even if it is reduced, your weight may increase again. This usually happens to those who follow a healthy diet after a diet.

For this reason, GM diabetes is not a safe way to lose weight. Instead of following a “Yo-Yo” diet, and losing weight, try a healthy diet while exercising regularly. Because, when you eat nutritious food, your body will lose weight with many activities that can make your body healthy.


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