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Dr. Nowzaradan Diet Tips

Dr. Nowzaradan Diet Tips:

Nowadays, not age, sugar, pressure, pain in different parts of the body, all these diseases are lodged in the body in many cases due to the type of lifestyle. So everyone from young to old has a lot of problems with these diseases. All of these diseases are plagues that, in most cases, are under control if controlled. As soon as he breaks the rules, he gets upset.

But not just this disease. The quality of life can be improved to prevent any kind of disease in the first place, to maintain good physical health. There are some health tips for him, so that a healthy life can be achieved, as well as the mind is fresh and vibrant.

Dr. Nowzaradan Diet Tips

        1. Eat a variety of fruits and vegetables –

According to Dr. Nowzaradan Diet Tips , a researcher at King’s College London, you shouldn’t just eat more vegetables and fruits. Rockmoff must be brought into it. That means you have to eat different types of vegetables and fruits. He said that if at least 30 kinds of vegetables and fruits can be eaten every week, it is very good for health.


  1. Drink adequate amount of water –

Just as you need to eat proper and healthy food throughout the day, you also need to drink the right amount of pure drinking water. This is because drinking water not only quenches thirst, but also retains body moisture, meets the body’s internal water needs and helps keep the whole body healthy by doing more than one thing. As a result, it is very important to drink enough water.


  1. Get enough sleep –

Great lack of time in the current situation. As a result, everyone has more or less cuts during sleep. But one thing most of the time we unknowingly forget is that the body is like an instrument. So as much as he can be made to work, he also needs rest. More sleep than that just doesn’t give the body a rest. Gives rest to the head. As a result this rest is a matter essential for the body. So every person needs at least eight to nine hours of sleep every night. Because if not, there is a lack of sleep. Weakens the body. So when the amount of sleep, the body gets rest in an overall way, new energy is formed, the feeling of fatigue is removed. Besides, if all goes well, the incidence of diseases in the body is less.

Exeter University Sport and Health Science teacher. According to Gavin Buckingham, sleep deprivation reduces a person’s cognitive function or ability to learn new things. Decision-making ability also decreases, creating dilemmas in the mind.


  1. Giving importance to the desires of one’s own mind –

After food, water, sleep, the important thing is to give importance to your own will. There are many who suppress the desires of their minds under the pressure of the surroundings. Feeling good, feeling bad and suppressing the inside. However, it is important to keep one’s desires, desires, etc. in mind, and in any case, one cannot remain physically and mentally healthy. So you must give importance to yourself, your own will.


  1. Exercise –

To keep the body healthy, walking or exercising can be done according to the rules. Gym can also be done if possible. Apart from this, there are morning walks or evening walks according to the rules. These actions move the body. This can protect the body from getting sick by accumulating excess fat. So it is very good if you can do this for at least 40 to 45 minutes.

Everyone needs to be health-conscious to enjoy life. But how to stay healthy? Simply put, nutritious food, adequate sleep, regular physical exercise and staying active are key. Apart from this, it is important to know about the disease and be health conscious. If you can develop some important habits, you can stay healthy. Here are Dr. Nowzaradan Diet Tips below.

  1. Every morning I wake up two or three km. Walk. It will keep the mind and soul fresh.
  2. Be sure to wash your hands before eating and after using the toilet.
  3. Whenever you eat food, chew it well and take food. The digestive system will be fine.
  4. The main cause of obesity is eating oily and sweet foods. So eat less of such food.
  5. Eat more green vegetables and fruits.
  6. Get to work most of the time on foot. This will exercise the leg muscles. If you don’t need it, go down the stairs without using the elevator.
  7. Waking up in the morning and drinking water on an empty stomach is very beneficial for the body.
  8. If you have a headache, eat a lot of fish. Fish oil is very effective in preventing headaches. Ginger can be eaten. It is especially effective in curing inflammation and pain.
  9. Eat homemade food. There is no substitute for a variety of home-made salads or healthy foods to keep the body healthy. It’s good to be able to eat at home. However, it is not possible in many cases due to the busyness of work.
  10. Eat onions for asthma. It plays a positive role in preventing respiratory contractions. You can eat banana and ginger for stomach ailments. Ginger relieves morning sickness and nausea.
  11. Honey has many qualities. Honey is especially effective for various physical problems including numbness, sore throat, stress, anemia, osteoporosis and migraine.
  12. Ghee, buttermilk, margarine increase the risk of cancer. Instead of vegetable oil, olive oil reduces the risk of cancer.
  13. Broccoli, spinach, carrots, tomatoes have a lot of anti-cancer ingredients. But when given heat, this anti-cancer ingredient is destroyed. So it is better to play raw.
  14. Take a bath before going to bed at night on a hot day, it will help you sleep better. Wear loose clothing at night. Every part of the body breathes through the pores. That’s why you should sleep in loose clothes before going to bed.
  15. Get rid of breakfast as soon as possible. Studies have shown that breakfast helps the body’s metabolic function. So if you wake up within 1 hour of your breakfast.Dr. Nowzaradan Diet Tips .
  16. Eat less sugar and more protein. Excess sugar helps to ruin the efficiency of breakfast. So make sure your breakfast is low in sugar. Also, instead of high-calorie foods in the morning, eat protein-rich foods such as eggs, bread, which will help maintain the health of your body.
  17. You are more likely to gain weight if you eat fewer calorie foods. However, the body should take at least 350 calories.
  18. Never eat foods in the morning that cause flatulence. Rather eat some nutritious food that is slowly digested and keeps you active throughout the day.
  19. Do not take antibiotics on your own if you have a common cold-cough or fever.
  20. Whether local or foreign, put berry fruits on your food list every day. Both of these ingredients are essential for healthy skin and  hair. They increase the production of collagen, which slows down the aging process and helps maintain your youth.
  21. Do not allow your baby to drink honey, sugar water, Egyptian water or water immediately after birth. Do not bathe the baby for the first three days after birth.
  22. Sit up straight all the time. Do not sit in one place for long. Leave the chair and walk for 10 minutes.
  23. Always receive the phone in the left ear. It is better not to receive the phone when the battery of the phone is a stain, because then the radiation of the phone is high.
  24. Eat walnuts. Like chocolate, walnuts also contain a lot of copper which keeps the amount of melanin right. In addition, there is a lot of vitamin E which is very important for beautiful skin and hair.
  25. Take breaks. No matter how busy you are, after working every hour, you should rest your eyes for a minute or two. It clears the brain and keeps it moving.
  26. Don’t lie in bed all day, and don’t work all day. Adequate rest should be taken in the work space.
  27. Fish with omega 3 fatty acids has a high level of protein which is essential for your bones, hair and skin. In addition, marine fish play a role in the production of adequate and necessary hormones in the body.
  28. Even if you have acidity or heartburn, you should eat small meals frequently. Eat less oily foods, fried foods and more spicy foods. There are benefits to not eating too much at once. Eat less water while eating. You need to drink more water between the two meals.
  29. Pay special attention to physical exercise. Especially towards stretching and yoga. Because it increases the level of oxygen flow in the body.
  30. Put vitamin-rich foods on the food list. Eat fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins A and E in moderation. Avoid fatty and oily foods, it can cause acne on your skin.
  31. In case of loss of appetite and loss of appetite, peel 1-3 grams of ginger and grind it finely. And mix salt and a few drops of lemon juice with it and eat it once a day for 7-8 days.
  32. Exclude all canned foods from the diet. Canned foods and frozen foods have made our lives easier, but it is slowly pushing our bodies to the brink of death.
  33. Do not eat fruit without washing the national food. Do not eat sugarcane juice, lemon juice sold in the open in the street.
  34. Never take sleeping pills if you have trouble sleeping due to shortness of breath.
  35. Steam baths can easily get rid of harmful toxins in the body. However, after the steam bath, to rehydrate the body. 36. Make it a habit to drink green tea instead of tea or coffee. Green tea’s antioxidants work to protect our bodies.
  36. Do not stop eating if you have diarrhea or thin stools. Eat food saline. Eat more liquid food with it.
  37. Carrots are carotene rich vegetables. It is better to give carrot juice to the baby from the age of six months. It is good for skin, hair and eyes. Carrots are very useful in respiratory infections, eye and skin infections.
  38. People who suffer from asthma or diabetes should avoid damp environment as it may cause you special harm.
  39. You spend a lot of time focusing on the computer or something. You can blink your eyes from time to time as this can make your eyes tired.
  40. Take big breaths and exhale whenever you have time throughout the day. This will allow more oxygen to enter your body faster and help the body release tonnage by exhaling.
  41. Avoid sleeping during the day. Try to get 8 to 8 hours of sleep a night.
  42. Do not keep your feet wet. When the feet get wet, wipe it off with a dry soft cloth. Clean your hands and feet by mixing it with Dettol water to avoid itchy red rash or various skin infections.
  43. Stay away from smoking and drinking. Try to stay away from smoking and drinking as much as possible. The main reason for the entry of various types of harmful toxins in the body is smoking and drinking.
  44. The virus attacks when the body temperature drops so keep your body warm.

Dr. Nowzaradan Diet TipsDr. Nowzaradan Diet Tips:

Flush the commode lid open

Many people do not know how dangerous it is to flash with the lid of the commode open. A toilet flash, kept about ten feet away, can spread bacteria on your toothbrush. So after every use the lid of the commode should be lowered and then flashed.

A recent study found that toothbrushes kept in the bathroom contained large amounts of germs. Investigating the cause, it is seen that every minute, the germs of fecal urine start coming out from the flash of the commode. These germs come and nest on top of other things kept in the bathroom. So after using the bathroom, close the lid of the commode and flash it.


Putting the pen in the mouth

Many of us have a habit of putting pens in our mouths. Especially when you are in tension, the pen in your hand unknowingly goes into your mouth, as well as the germs on the pen.

We often leave the pen in a dirty place, again holding the pen in unclean hands, which causes germs to get into the pen. Again, if you put that germ pen in your mouth, you are putting yourself in danger.


Extinguishing birthday candles

You probably don’t want bacteria to spread on your birthday cake. Then refrain from blowing out the candles on the cake. Because when you blow on a candle, the germs inside the mouth will spread with the air. Although the chances of getting sick from these germs are very low. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.


Open the lid of anything with teeth

We often use teeth to open the lid or bottle cap of anything. But as a result, the germs on the thing get inside our mouths. Also, when you try to open something hard with your teeth, it often breaks, erupts and cracks. Decreases the life of teeth.


Having breakfast at the computer desk

Many of us eat at the computer desk, especially when we are at the office. A team of microbiologists recently conducted research in London’s offices. Keyboard samples are collected from there. They were found to contain a number of insects, including E. coli and S. aureus, two deadly bacteria that can cause skin lesions and make people sick.

Scientists compared the keyboard and the bathroom in a typical London office to a keyboard used in the study, which showed that the keyboard used in the study was five times dirtier and 150 times more tolerable than the bacteria in it.

Studies have shown that eating at a computer desk is the first cause of bacterial contamination. This causes a number of food particles and drink droplets to enter the keyboard keys, which can no longer be cleaned normally. Dr. Nowzaradan Diet Tips As a result, it is mixed with air humidity and dust to form germs. Which normally enters the stomach through our hands during eating. So quit eating and drinking next to the computer.

Health is the root of all happiness … If health is good, the mind is good if no other environmental factors attack the mind … To maintain good health, you need to eat regular amounts, make a list of balanced meals, eat regularly, moderately Get enough sleep, get some exercise every day, and have a light exercise … Drink plenty of water, open your heart and smile … Try to be stress free … Sometimes even talk about a loved one … A lot of work ?? No compromise with having a good body and mind … so be a little aware.

Ways to keep your health and mind good, but everyone has written beautifully for you above..what happens if I don’t say a little after that. I will tell you to eat at the right time. I mean you have to eat breakfast at 6/7 o’clock In between. Eat lunch at 1 o’clock at most. Have breakfast at 5 o’clock in the evening. And eat less light than the amount of dinner, but within 10 o’clock you (Sapar) will have to eat dinner. The mind must be good. Because the only reason to be good or keep the mind is good health. Remember health is good, mind is good, health is not good, mind is not good. I know that after reading my answer you may think that you are going to a doctor’s chamber for Dr. Nowzaradan Diet Tips . Even if you think so, but the advice is very good.

Want to keep good health and mind? You sleep regularly and eat regularly. Even if you reduce the daily, you need to sleep 6/7 hours and eat regular and amount of news.

If you have a good mind, your health will improve .

So here are Dr. Nowzaradan Diet Tips to keep your mind and health good .

  1. Think positive instead of negative.
  2. Do not lose your morale in danger.
  3. Read biographies of successful people.
  4. Spend time with loved ones.
  5. Go out with family or friends.
  6. Never think of yourself as a sad person.
  7. Read a good story book, watch a good movie.
  8. Visit the art-literature exhibition.
  9. Communicate with loved ones. Give them gifts.
  10. Remember happy memories.
  11. Share the trouble with a dear friend.
  12. In the open air, walk under the open sky.
  13. Go on a picnic or go for a walk somewhere far away on holidays.
  14. Build good relationships with colleagues.
  15. Place fresh flowers in small vases on the office or reading table.
  16. 17 Take a break between work
  17. Sit in a secluded place and meditate regularly for 20 to 30 minutes.
  18. Control body weight.
  19. Eat a balanced diet.
  20. Get creative.

Daily prayers and physical activity will be 100% good health and mind.

Want to keep good health and mind? Dr. Nowzaradan Diet Tips You sleep regularly and eat regularly. Even if you reduce the daily, you need to sleep 6/7 hours and eat regular and amount of news . Endless Abir When I do something, I get lost in it .

In order to stay healthy, you have to eat well …. and to keep your mind well, try to play with him without being angry with anyone and give yourself a little leeway and you will see that everything will be fine .

Dr. Nowzaradan Diet Tips

Tie the job that gives you the most comfort.

Like if I don’t feel good I listen to music and draw pictures at the same time .

The first and foremost way to maintain good health and well-being is through physical activity. It goes without saying that it will keep your body well and make the mind look much lighter and more vibrant.

Get along well with everyone. Do your duty properly. Then you will sleep better and your mind will be better. health is the root of all happiness. The body is all right. So give up the above habits and live a healthy and beautiful life.


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