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800 Calorie Diet

Introduction Of 800 Calorie Diet:

  • Calories or kilocalories?

We usually mean kilocalories as food calories. The caloric value of food is usually expressed in kilocalories. For example, if someone says that he ate 1500 calories today, it means he ate 1500 kcal. Again, if it is written on the label of a food, 95 calories, then its caloric value is 95 × 1000 = 95000 calories = 95 kcal.

It is good to know that 1000 calories = one kilocalorie And 3500 calories = one pound / one kg body weight or fat.

  • The effect of calories on our body:
  1. If you take more calories than your body needs, you will gain weight, if you take less calories, you will lose weight, and if you take equal calories, you will gain weight.
  2. When you exercise or do physical work, the body generates heat and consumes energy, resulting in calorie burning.
  3. In addition to eating fewer calories, an easy way to burn calories is to exercise regularly. Also walking means keeping the body active and so on. It also burns some calories while doing housework or doing your own work.
  4. Sometimes we eat a lot of calorie foods, which is the cause of weight gain. Being overweight can lead to many health risks. Such as: high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, arthritis, cancer, depression, etc.
  5. So these extra calories accumulate in the body and become fat so that weight does not increase, so we should burn some calories, that is, exercise.
  6. In addition, regular high-calorie foods, such as sugary foods, extra oils, ghee, and fatty foods, etc., gain weight, or exercise, but do not get the right results or do not lose weight.
  7. Studies have shown that regular low-calorie foods increase life expectancy, make you look younger, increase your body’s resistance to disease, maintain your physical fitness, and keep your mind energized.
  8. It is not right to eat less than 1200 calories daily, it reduces the ability of the body to work, metabolism is reduced, the body does not get proper nutrition.
  9. Eating far fewer calories than the body needs for a long time will lead to weight loss, weakening of the body, impaired limb function and reduced immunity.
  10. We don’t burn all the calories we get through exercise, we need some calories for our body to work, such as for heartbeat, for breathing.
  11. In addition, we need some calories for other daily activities, such as walking, housework, brain work, etc. Our body needs a lot of calories to function.

Low calorie foods may include: pulses, salads, fruits, vegetables, red flour or red rice, white fish or low fat fish, chicken, wheat pasta or noodles, low fat milk, low fat sour yogurt, low fat cheese, Any food without sugar etc.

800 Calorie Diet

  • What is dieting?

Dieting means eating our daily meals in a moderate and balanced way. Dieting is usually done to lose weight and keep the weight stable. Dieting is necessary to stay healthy and slim. In that case you should eat low sugar, low calorie, low fat food. Every day diet chart contains all kinds of food ingredients: vitamins, sugars, meats, fats, minerals, fiber, water, etc. It will be a balanced diet.


  •     Dinner should be eaten three hours before bedtime. If you feel hungry while sleeping at night, it is better not to eat anything, but you can eat milk without butter / fat.
  •     Keep vegetables and fruits in place of sugar in your diet, as they are rich in vitamins, fiber and antioxidants.
  •     Eating more salad, there must be salad with lunch and dinner.
  •     Fish must be eaten, it is better to eat less meat and eat more fish. Red meat: For example, it is better not to eat beef.
  •     Instead of eating white flour bread, eat red flour bread. Because red flour is complex carbohydrate, which is very beneficial for the body. It is better to eat red rice with the exception of white sugars like white rice.
  •    Beans (e.g. red kidney beans), raw lentils should be eaten every day. Because they are low in fat, and cholesterol-lowering ingredients. They also contain vitamin B, potassium, fiber. Which increases digestive energy, reduces constipation.
  •     Eating milk before bed, of course, is skim milk.
  •     Eat sour yogurt every day, without sugar.
  •     Calcium-rich foods for women: Milk, sour yogurt must be eaten every day.
  •     Eat less rice, more vegetables, fruits, salads.
  •     Eat in moderation. Portion size control. Carmen.Body_.Healthy-diet-tips-Part-1
  •     Eat little by little 5/6 times a day. Eating 200/300 calories every two, three hours is the best habit.
  •     Breakfast is a must have, for any Affiliate, promoting any program.
  •     Avoid fried, high calorie foods.
  •     Do not always eat animal meat and eat more vegetable meat. Because vegetable meat is low in fat.
  •     Eating a handful of nuts every day as snacks, it enhances the beauty of the skin, lowers cholesterol.

Like the amount of meat you have to eat every time you eat. Can be meat: fish, white meat (chicken, etc.), beans, nuts, pulses, cheese, yogurt, etc. Because meat contains fewer calories than sugar, it keeps the stomach full and helps in weight loss. It also helps in muscle building. But men eat more meat.

If you want to lose weight, you have to eliminate sugar completely. Sweet, sugary foods must be avoided. Foods with more oil and spices should be avoided. However, spices are good, different types of spices have different qualities. However, you have to cook in moderation.

Must be cooked in fried, not roasted, boiled, grilled, broiled way.

Include high fiber foods such as red flour, vegetables, beans, salads, vegetables, fruits, oats, cornflakes in the menu. Because fiber reduces weight, increases digestive energy, and lowers cholesterol. 21-25 grams of fiber for women and 30-36 grams for men should be eaten daily. 6_diet_ideas_that_dont_work

Do not eat extra salt with food. Because excess salt brings water to the body, increases blood pressure and weight. There is a lot of salt in cooking, you don’t need to eat too much salt.

Eat your favorite food one day a week. It increases appetite and reduces boredom. If the body is accustomed to some kind of food, that dieting will not be of any use. Let me give you an example in this context, which many people make a mistake. For example, when you see me eating out at a restaurant, at a program, everyone is surprised and asks why I am eating the opposite food, because there is no problem in eating a different or favorite amount of food once a week, but it is good for the body. In that case, if you go to a restaurant, you have to eat in moderation, you can never eat more than once. The amount of food that is given to one person in the restaurant should be shared by two or three people, because it is not right to eat so much together.

The above tips are only for adults, you need to know how many calories you need. The complete diet chart must be taken from the dietitian. Our body needs a lot of energy to work, playing too little can weaken, digestive energy can be lost, metabolism will be reduced. Even if you play more, you can gain weight. So every meal should be eaten in moderation.

Yate is an essential part of a healthy normal life. Especially those like me who have a tendency to gain a little weight, there is no end to the worries about this diet. According to dieticians, not all diets are for everyone. Your calorie needs depend on your body weight, height and rate of physical exertion. Again, no one can choose a very low calorie or very high calorie diet. It depends on the current body weight, physical condition – the presence or absence of any disease, sensitivity to a particular type of food, etc. Today I will talk about 800 calorie diet chart or low calorie diet. It is best not to follow such a low calorie diet without consulting a doctor or nutritionist. Then let’s not talk anymore without seeing!

As much as 800 calorie diet chart

Since the amount of carbohydrates in such a low calorie diet is reduced, so in this case fish, meat, eggs, fruit juice, soup, low fat milk, tokadai, oatmeal, these are to be eaten regularly. This type of low calorie diet has many advantages as well as several disadvantages. Those who follow this diet need to know the pros and cons of this diet.

Benefits of 800 calorie diet chart

1) The biggest advantage of this type of diet is rapid weight loss.

2) Rapid weight loss can prevent high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, heart problems and other complex diseases.800 Calorie Diet.

Disadvantages of 900 calorie diet chart

After the benefits, let’s talk about its side effects or health risks. That is-

1) Never start such a low calorie diet on your own without the advice of a doctor or dietitian.

2) In addition to immediate symptoms such as sudden drop in blood pressure or blood sugar, chronic problems such as hair loss, rough skin or loss of skin beauty can also occur.

3) The most important thing is –

  The body gradually becomes weaker

    Disinterest in work

    Always feeling drowsy and irritable

Remember that being overweight is just as harmful to the body as being overweight.

Some factors in charting a 800 calorie diet

The following factors should be kept in mind while planning a 900 kcal diet. But let’s not know about those factors!

1) Protein intake

Since less sugar or carbohydrates are being taken, it is important to focus on protein rich foods such as fish, meat, milk, eggs, pulses. Eggs and milk must be on the food list every day.

2) Vitamins and minerals

Regularly eat vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins and minerals.

3) Ideal food list

Food should be selected from 6 groups of food groups such as sugars, carbs, fats, vitamins, minerals and water. In this low calorie diet, sugary foods like rice, bread, bread, noodles etc. should be eaten in moderation.

4) Processed food

Ready-to-eat or processed foods should be avoided. This is because most of the time extra salt is added to these foods. Which is harmful to the body.

5) Vegetables

Vegetables should be cooked with as little oil as possible. It is best to eat it as a boiled soup. It is better to omit potatoes from vegetables. Because underground plants are naturally high in sugar.

6) Use oil or sauce

Excess oil, spices or sauces cannot be used on fish or meat.

7) Fast food should be avoided

Any type of fast food (such as burgers, pizza, french fries, etc.), cold drinks, ice cream, coconut, nuts, almonds, potatoes, sweet potatoes, dried fruits (such as dates, dates, raisins) should be excluded.

8) Sour fruit

You have to eat at least 1 pickled fruit every day. It can be amalki, malt, orange, guava etc.

800 kcal diet plan throughout the day

800 Calorie Diet

Let’s take a look at how the 900 kcal diet plan can be! The following are the foods to eat in the morning, noon, afternoon, night and before going to bed:

  • In the morning (6–7):

1) Red flour bread – 1

2) Bowl of vegetables (except potatoes – cooked in less oil) – 1/2 bowl

3) Boiled eggs – 1

Eat fruit salad with it (11-11 in the morning; around 30). But yes, it is better to omit ripe mango and ripe banana.

  • At noon (1-2):

1) Rice – 1/2 cup

2) Pulses – 1/2 cup

3) Fish / Meat – 2 pieces (excluding broth)

4) Salad – 1 cup

  • In the afternoon (5–6):

You can eat vegetable soup except potatoes (2-3). It is best to boil the vegetables and sprinkle a little salt on the soup.

  • Between 8pm and 9pm:
  1. Corn Flakes – 1/2 cup
  2. Or oats (cooked – can be eaten with vegetables, chicken or milk)
  3. Before going to bed:
  4. Sour yogurt or low fat milk – 1/2 cup

While this low calorie diet is beneficial for those who want to lose a lot of weight in a very short period of time, regular exercise and walking are also very important. Skipping, free


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