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Low Calorie Diet Menu 1500 CalorieMeal Plan

Introduction Of 1500 CalorieMeal Plan:

The low-calorie diet of the Institute of Nutrition of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences is a time-tested balanced nutrition program. Ideal for seekers of long-term results without side effects.

The low-calorie diet has been approved by the RF of the Ministry of Health. Furthermore, it has been recommended for use in medical institutions since 2003.

Combination of diet with fasting days

The caloric content of the daily diet is reduced by fats and common carbohydrates. At the same time, it is recommended to increase the amount of protein products. Accordingly, no person will feel hungry. It will also be possible to avoid negative consequences.

The diet developed by the Nutrition Institute of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences is truly balanced. So, you need to eat every day:

When following the RMS diet, you need to eat moderate amounts of salt and various spices. It is important to drink at least 1.5 drops of water, broth and keyless tea daily. Diet is based on protein rich foods and various vegetables. It is possible to get the necessary nutrition by following this national diet, which means weight loss without harming the human body.

It should be kept in mind that this diet is not suitable for everyone. In the presence of liver and kidney disease it is advisable to consult a doctor first. Such measures need to be abandoned during pregnancy and lactation.

1500 CalorieMeal Plan

Approximate daily menu:

Many people choose a low-calorie diet for themselves. The menu varies depending on the daily calorie content.

The first option is designed for 1500 CalorieMeal Plan of energy

  •     Breakfast: 35 grams of cottage cheese, not more than 5% fat, 150 grams of vegetable salad, 1 tbsp. Drink tea with a little milk.
  •     Lunch: 200 grams of apples.
  •     Lunch: 250 g borscht, 50 g chicken, 100 g cutlets from any vegetable, 30 g bran or rye bread, 1 tbsp. Unwinded compote.
  •     Afternoon snack: 200 grams of fresh orange or any uncertified berry.
  •     First dinner: 150 grams of stew from any vegetable, 50 grams of fish, 30 grams of bran bread, 1 tbsp. Uneven plum juice.
  •     Late dinner: 200 grams of kefir or milk with the lowest fat content.

During the day, you should eat an extra 20 grams of bran. One half of this portion is added to the borscht, and the other to the milk or kefir.

Low-calorie menu option for the day, designed for 1500 kcal

  •     Breakfast: 100 grams of steamed protein omelette, 170 grams of vegetable salad (tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumber and 10 grams of sour cream), 150 ml of coffee drink, to which 50 ml of milk should be added.
  •     Lunch: 150 grams of fresh oranges.
  •     Lunch: 250 grams of noodle soup, 150 grams of unsalted boiled rice, 100 grams of chicken, 50 grams of olives, 1 tbsp. Unconventional apple compote
  •     Afternoon snack: 1 tbsp. Rose broth, 100 g prunes, which must first be soaked in water.
  •     First dinner: 100 g fish with the addition of 5 g sunflower oil, the amount of 200 g stewed eggplant with low fat sour cream sauce, 1 tbsp. Keyless milk tea.
  •     Late dinner: 1 tbsp. Yogurt.

It is worth eating 100 grams of bran bread per day. The nutritional and energy requirements of the human body should be taken into consideration for this type of diet to be truly useful. To do this, one should know the caloric content of different dishes and products.

Combination of diet with fasting days


Results of the low-calorie diet of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences 1500 CalorieMeal Plan


A balanced, low-calorie diet can help you lose weight and stay healthy. To speed up weight loss, you should sign up for a gym and take time to walk every day.

This method has advantages and contraindications. To use this program effectively, you need to know all its basic principles

The essence of a low-calorie diet:

The concept of “diet” dates back to the early nineteenth century: In the 1930’s, Sylvester Graham, an American, presented to the public his views on the presence of overweight due to overpopulation. This man was a preacher, he offered the beast, which spoke of cleansing people from sin, and in it the excess fat was exhausted. It is the source of modern methods for weight loss.

A low-calorie diet for weight loss is a quick and effective way to lose excess weight, make your figure more fit in less time. Its policy is based on reducing the consumption of high-calorie foods as well as controlling the overall diet. For this reason the body consumes less of the required amount of calories, it begins to expend a reserve source of energy in the form of fat.

The basic rules of a low-calorie diet for weight loss are:

  •     Rejection of light sugars (refined sugar, confectionery, sweet and carbonated drinks and others).
  •     Decreasing fat and complex carbohydrate intake.
  •     Drink plenty of fluids (for a weight of 10 kg, you must drink at least 300 grams of water per day).
  •     Complete rejection of alcoholic beverages.
  •     You can find the number of calories you need to eat depending on your initial weight, age and lifestyle. On average, the recommended amount is 1500 kcal. To lose weight fast, you should take no more than 7 meals of your required diet.
  •     Frequent meals in small portions.
  •     In order for the diet not to cause irreparable damage to health, nutritional adjustments should be started slowly, increasing the energy deficit within a few weeks.

You also need to diet slowly. In the first week, up to 10% of the amount consumed needs to be added, if not weight gain, another 5% is added in the next week. After that, you must strictly monitor the daily intake of common carbohydrates and fats.

Effective advice! You need to drink a glass of clean water in the morning on an empty stomach to improve metabolic processes. It normalizes the activity of the digestive system and speeds up the process of burning fat.

Thinness became a feature of the results obtained with the help of low calorie diet.1500 CalorieMeal Plan Excess weight does not return with proper completion of the course.

1500 CalorieMeal Plan: benefits and contraindications

Among the negative aspects, one can gain a sharp weight by making a wrong exit from the diet. Therefore, it is not recommended to consume less than 1200 kcal for low calorie foods.

This type of diet contraindication is:

  •     For chronic diseases, where a treatment of this method except for example, low-calorie diodes are used for grade 2 diabetes.
  •     In childhood and adolescence.
  •     With minimal excess of body mass indicators.

By following the rules of this diet, you can lose weight fast without harming your health. As many reviews show, the most effective way to lose weight is a low-calorie diet.

How do you calculate the number of calories you need?

Today there are plenty of online calculators and mobile apps that help you calculate the daily calories you need to lose weight.

However, you can calculate yourself using a simple formula:

(Weight * 9.9) + (Height * 6.25) – (Age * 4.95)

For the results obtained, men need to add 5 numbers, and for women, subtract 161.

You will get an average amount of calories per day to maintain basal metabolism. Subtracting 25% of this amount you get the number of calories where intense fat burning begins.

Don’t forget about physical activity, it makes a great adjustment to the index itself, as it encourages fat burning. The average cost of moderate physical activity is 1 kcal per kg body weight.

There are many methods today that allow you to find an index of the minimum amount of calories you need to eat, however, as a rule, they will all give almost the same results.

Diets and recipes for low calorie diets

You need to keep a special diary to track your calories as efficiently as possible, so that you can record the entire diet you eat. This method allows you to control the use of “harmful” products and allows you to develop proper habits first. The average portion for serving should be about 200 grams, if the scales cannot be used, the hand will turn into a cheating sheet.

Don’t forget that an effective 1500 CalorieMeal Plan can only be on the menu with a high-grade protein content. Otherwise, weight loss will occur due to loss of muscle mass and as a result, you feel sick.

  •     Bread made from coarse flour needs to take more than 0.15 kg per day.
  •     Potatoes and cereals should be less in the first courses. Several times a week, you can eat soup with meat broth from dieted meats, portion size should not exceed 0.3 kg.
  •     Boiled or baked fish and meat up to 0.2 kg per day.
  •     Low fat dairy products up to 0.2 kg. There are individual low-calorie milk diets, which are related to the mono-diet and have many contraindications.
  •     Up to two boiled eggs a day.
  •     You can use vegetable oil as a salad dressing or snack.

In addition to sugar substitutes, the use of industrial drinks and sauces should also be reduced.

1500 CalorieMeal Plan

7 day low-calorie diet menu:

A 1500 CalorieMeal Plan for a week will improve your body contour and give you a chance to prepare for the summer season.

1 day:

  •     Morning – cottage cheese 0.1 kg + stewed vegetables (carrots, beets) 0.2 kg + bread 0.05 kg + herbal tea
  •     Snack – an apple
  •     Lunch – fat borscht 0.2 kg + boiled meat 0.1 kg + 0.05 kg boiled beans + bread 0.05 kg + free dried fruit
  •     Snacks – yogurt 0.15 kg
  •     Dinner – foil baked fish 0.15 kg + fresh vegetable salad 0.15 kg + bread 0.05 kg + tea

2nd day:

  •     Morning- 0.2 kg of vinegar + 0.05 kg of bread + coffee with milk without sugar
  •     Snacks – 0.1 kg of cottage cheese
  •     Lunch – fatty pickles 0.2 kg + fish 0.1 kg + 0.1 stewed peas + bread 0.05 kg + green tea
  •     Snacks – nuts
  •     Dinner – Meat 0.2 kg + Steve Vegetables 0.1 kg + Bread 0.05 kg + Herbal tea

Day 3

  •     Morning – stewed cabbage 0.2 kg + toast 0.05 kg + rose broth
  •     Snack – dried fruit
  •     Lunch – meat 0.15 + bread 0.05 kg + broth with tea 0.2 kg + vegetable stew
  •     Snacks – vegetable smoothies
  •     Dinner – Steamed Fish Cutlets 0.1 kg + Fresh Vegetables 0.2 kg + Bread 0.05 kg + Interest Tea

Day 4

  •     Morning – Baked potato 0.1 kg + Sauerkraut 0.1 kg + Bread 0.05 kg + Fruit infusion
  •     Snack – Cottage cheese garnished with yogurt
  •     Lunch – vegetable soup 0.2 kg + cooked meat 0.15 kg + bread 0.05 kg + tea
  •     Snack – fruit
  •     Dinner – steamed fish 0.15 kg + fresh vegetable salad 0.15 kg + bread 0.05 kg + tea

Day 5

Redemption. Drink coffee, fruit snacks during the day.

6 days

  1.     Morning – 0.2 kg of cottage cheese + herbal tea
  2.     Snacks – smooth
  3.     Lunch – borscht 0.150 kg + baked vegetables + bread 0.05 kg + unhined dried fruit compote
  4.     Snacks – yogurt 0.15 kg
  5.     Dinner – fish 0.15 kg + fresh vegetable salad 0.2 kg + bread 0.05 kg + tea


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