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1000 Calorie Diet

Introduction Of 1000 Calorie Diet:

Diet is an essential part of a healthy normal life. Especially those like me who have a tendency to gain a little weight, there is no end to the worries about this diet. According to dieticians, not all diets are for everyone. Your calorie needs depend on your body weight, height and rate of physical exertion. Again, no one can choose a very low calorie or very high calorie diet. It depends on the current body weight, physical condition – the presence or absence of any disease, sensitivity to a particular type of food, etc. Today I will talk about 1000 calorie diet chart or low calorie diet. It is best not to follow such a low calorie diet without consulting a doctor or nutritionist. Then let’s not talk anymore without seeing!

As much as talking about 1000 calorie diet chart

Since the amount of carbohydrates in such a low calorie diet is reduced, so in this case fish, meat, eggs, fruit juice, soup, low fat milk, tokadai, oatmeal, these are to be eaten regularly. This type of low calorie diet has many advantages as well as several disadvantages. Those who follow this diet need to know the pros and cons of this diet.

1000 Calorie Diet

Benefits of 1000 Calorie Diet Chart:

1) The biggest advantage of this type of diet is rapid weight loss.

2) Rapid weight loss can prevent high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, heart problems and other complex diseases.

Disadvantages of 1000 calorie diet chart

After the benefits, let’s talk about its side effects or health risks. That is-

1) Never start such a low calorie diet on your own without the advice of a doctor or dietitian.

2) In addition to immediate symptoms such as sudden drop in blood pressure or blood sugar, chronic problems such as hair loss, rough skin or loss of skin beauty can also occur.

3) The most important thing is –

  •     The body gradually becomes weaker
  •     Disinterest in work
  •     Always feeling drowsy and irritable

Remember that being overweight is just as harmful to the body as being overweight.

Some factors in charting a 1000 calorie diet

The following factors should be kept in mind while planning a 1000 kcal diet. But let’s not know about those factors!

1) Protein intake

Since less sugar or carbohydrates are being taken, it is important to focus on protein rich foods such as fish, meat, milk, eggs, pulses. Eggs and milk must be on the food list every day.

2) Vitamins and minerals

Regularly eat vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins and minerals.

3) Ideal food list

Food should be selected from 6 groups of food groups such as sugars, carbs, fats, vitamins, minerals and water. In this low calorie diet, sugary foods like rice, bread, bread, noodles etc. should be eaten in moderation.

4) Processed food

Ready-to-eat or processed foods should be avoided. This is because most of the time extra salt is added to these foods. Which is harmful to the body.

5) Vegetables

Vegetables should be cooked with as little oil as possible. It is best to eat it as a boiled soup. It is better to omit potatoes from vegetables. Because underground plants are naturally high in sugar.

6) Use oil or sauce

Excess oil, spices or sauces cannot be used on fish or meat.

7) Fast food should be avoided

Any type of fast food (such as burgers, pizza, french fries, etc.), cold drinks, ice cream, coconut, nuts, almonds, potatoes, sweet potatoes, dried fruits (such as dates, dates, raisins) should be excluded.

8) Sour fruit

You have to eat at least 1 pickled fruit every day. It can be amalki, malt, orange, guava etc.

1000 kcal diet plan throughout the day

Let’s take a look at how the 1000 kcal diet plan can be! The following are the foods to eat in the morning, noon, afternoon, night and before going to bed:

  • Between morning (6–7)
  1. Red flour bread – 1
  2. Bowl of vegetables (except potatoes – cooked in less oil) – 1/2 bowl
  3. Boiled eggs – 1

Eat fruit salad with it (11-11 in the morning; around 30). But yes, it is better to omit ripe mango and ripe banana.

  • Between noon (1-2)

1) Rice – 1/2 cup

2) Pulses – 1/2 cup

3) Fish / Meat – 2 pieces (excluding broth)

4) Salad – 1 cup

  • In the afternoon (5–6)

You can eat vegetable soup except potatoes (2-3). It is best to boil the vegetables and sprinkle a little salt on the soup.

  • Between 8–9 p.m.

Corn Flakes – 1/2 cup

Or oats (cooked – can be eaten with vegetables, chicken or milk)

  • Before bed

Sour yogurt or low fat milk – 1/2 cup

Many of us gain huthat weight a lot of the time. Maybe a few kilos of weight gain due to not being able to exercise regularly after a few days of continuous invitation or vacation or due to work pressure. There are also many, especially those aged 28+, who tend to gain a little weight. In these cases, the 1200 calorie diet plan will play a big role in weight loss.

No matter how much you exercise, you will not lose much weight if you do not eat right at the end of the day. Military diet is now well known in our country. But these diet foods are not familiar to us, which is why it is quite annoying to many. So today we will discuss the 1200 calorie diet plan to lose weight, which has been made by calculating the calorie moderation, much like the military diet. Even if it is not exactly like the military diet, you can get better results from it, plus since there is no food like the military diet, it will be very easy for you to follow this diet.

One thing should be said here, it is very difficult to lose weight just by dieting. After dieting for 4 days and eating raw and burgers for the next three days, but this diet will not be of any use at all. So if you want to lose weight quickly and effectively, you must walk for half an hour along with diet. Only then will you get the results. Then go to the diet chart without delay!

1000 calorie special diet plan to lose weight

  •     After waking up: a cup of lemon tea + 2 biscuits (no biscuits with veg cracker, sweet or cream) – 90 calories
  •     Breakfast: 2 boiled eggs + 2 slices of brown bread (290 calories) / scrambled eggs + 1 slice of brown bread + half a cup of buttermilk (310 calories)
  •     11 am – 12 noon: 1 banana / 15-20 grapes (50 calories)
  •     Lunch: 1 cup of brown rice + 100 g chicken (without broth) + 1/2 cup mixed vegetables + 1 bowl of salad (360 calories)
  •     Evening: 1 cup of buttermilk 35 calories
  •     Dinner: a red loaf of bread + a piece of fish (50 g) + half a cup of pulses + a small bowl of raita (360 calories)

One thing to note here is that since you are on a diet to lose weight, pulses, vegetables or eggs should not be given too much oil or salt. If you don’t give as much as Nehat, you will give exactly that. You can enhance the taste with lemon juice, coriander leaves and black pepper powder while eating.

This 1200 calorie diet plan is very effective in losing weight, do not do any hard exercise at this time. In fact, there is no need. However, it is important to follow a healthy lifestyle after losing weight, otherwise the weight will return to the previous place.

Stay well, stay beautiful!

Warning: This low calorie diet only applies to those who are physically healthy. And in no way can this diet be continued for more than one day in a row.

Low-carb diet chart macro ratio: 25% carb: 25% protein: 50% fat. Total chart: 14 (1000-2300 calories) who can follow: Everyone who is healthy, also those who have diabetes, thyroid, PCOS can also follow. If there is any medical problem outside of this, you will know by commenting. Let me answer some common questions. If you comment on these questions, you will not get an answer. Before asking any question, you must check the previous comment. Maybe someone else has asked the same question before. The same question will not be answered again and again. Question 1: Which chart will I follow? A: Follow the steps below.

1000 Calorie Diet

Step-1: Find out how much is your BMR. How to find out:

Step-2: Suppose your BMR 1438 comes out. Then you will follow the chart of 1400 calories. If the BMR is 1480+ or ​​a little over 1500, start with 1500.

Step-3: Let’s say your BMR is 1436. Then start with 1400 and follow the procedure below. Week-1 ঃ 1400 Week-2 ঃ 1300 Week-3 ঃ 1200 Week-4 ঃ 1100 After 4 weeks, calculate BMR again. Then start with BMR as above and reduce to 100 calories per week. Follow the same rules again after 4 weeks. Thus until the target is met.

 Step-4: If you follow this way, if the weight loss stops or becomes a stock, then switch to another diet.

Question 2: I don’t understand anything. Please tell me which one to follow. I don’t understand how to get BMR out. Answer: I can’t :). Please read the post until you understand.

Question-3: I don’t like oats, I don’t like bread, I vomit when I see eggs. Please tell me what to eat instead of these. A: I don’t know :). Please read the video / article below and make a chart to your advantage.

Question-4: I will not get fat by playing with so many egg yolks? I don’t eat so much fish / meat. I will not get fat by eating so much food. A: Playing more than TDEE or Total Daily Requirement will only make you fat. No problem with eggs, fish, meat or oil. Watch BMR’s video to know what TDEE is.

Question-5: If I eat bread in the morning, will it be a problem? Or will it be a problem to eat bread or rice at noon? A: Try to eat only when it is said. If you can’t follow, there will be no problem. But follow exactly to get the best result.

Question 6: I wake up at 12 o’clock. When do I eat breakfast? Answer: No match can be skipped. Cover the chart food within 24 hours. There will not be much difference when you play. However, in the morning the carb will be strictly omitted.

Question 7: I stay in varsity all day / in the office. Maintenance is becoming tough for me. A: You know how to manage. You can have breakfast in the morning. Then do not eat anything except water all day, if you want you can take the mid-morning meal. Return home and eat the rest of the food. Or you can follow the chart in an intermittent fasting style.

Question 8: When to eat cumin, lemonade, adapani, vinegar, aloe vera, honey, detox? Answer: There is no benefit in all this. I will ask you to omit it completely. I can’t say if you want to eat then you will eat at your own risk.

Question-9: Do I have to take multi vitamin, civet, fish oil capsules? Don’t play? What do I eat when I play? When to eat? A: Yes, it is important to eat. If you don’t play, then if you have problems with hair and skin, you will understand at your own risk. And eat of any company. There are no hard and fast rules. You have to play after any match.

Question-10: I can’t drink so much water. What to do? Answer: You must drink 3-4 liters of water, if possible 5 liters. Eat 2-3 glasses with each meal. Drink 1 glass of water every 1-2 hours. Cover the water as you can. To avoid constipation or skin sagging, it is important to drink moderate amounts of water.

Q-11: How do I measure food? A: Buy a kitchen scale. You will get between 8-1200 rupees. Usually you can find it in crockery shops.

Q-12: Can I share the charts? A: We do not have the copyright of any information. You can do whatever you want. If you want, don’t give Courtesy. But do not distort in any way.

 1 teaspoon = 5 grams. 1 tablespoon = 15 grams. 1 table spoon = 3 teaspoons. 1 cup = 150 ml. Rice / pulses become 25 grams in 2 tablespoons. Take the weight of all the food before cooking. The weight of the fish / meat must be taken without bones / thorns / skin.


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